Asplundh is committed to being both a sustainability leader and a champion of carbon reduction in the vegetation management industry. Asplundh views sustainability in terms of financial, social and environmental sustainability and it is dedicated to ensuring that our current approach to our business, our employees and the environment will continue to offer indefinite opportunity, consistent growth and environmental protection for our people, our partners and importantly our future generations for many years to come.  
Accordingly, we have in place a sustainability policy demonstrating our commitment to sustainability as well as a draft of a sustainability roadmap detailing our objectives and project testing commitments over the next few years.

Health and Safety

Our safety systems have been developed from over 80 years in the industry. We ensure that our clients, their customers and our staff use industry accepted systems and procedures to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. For us, it is not a matter of complying with safety, environmental and corporate governance legislation, it is about business ethics - providing the highest standards of service to our customers, the public and our communities, as well as safe working environments for our staff. 
We recognise that systematic service development and delivery has financial and ethical advantages to our business. In response we have developed the Safety Environment and Quality (SEQ) Manual to promote the systematic implementation of safety systems across our workplaces in Australia. It is based on an integrated approach, bringing together Safety AS/NZ 4801 and Environmental AS/NZ 14001 management under the umbrella of the Quality ISO 9000 framework. 
In addition, Asplundh participates in a number of Code of Practice review boards in Australia, New Zealand and the US and ensures any changes that arise from these boards are implemented across our operations. Asplundh’s SEQ (Safety-Environment-Quality) system has been developed and implemented to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, AS/NZS 4801 and AS/NZS 14001. The system is certified and regularly audited to all of the aforementioned standards.


Asplundh USA has been addressing and delivering environmentally friendly vegetation solutions for over 80 years. We are in the fortunate position to have access to every one of the efficiencies that have been developed, including those in different utility areas and even sectors. These solutions have been extensively tested in the field and conform to the highest levels of both voluntary and regulated compliance. 
Asplundh Australia understands the importance of environmental sustainability as central to our continued operations. Asplundh is compliant with the requirements of Environmental AS/NZ 14001 and continually seeks to improve its environmental systems, processes and practices. Accordingly we have a number of programs in place and trials underway to maximise our environmental efficiency and minimise our emissions over the coming years. 


Across our businesses, our goal is to minimise negative social and community impacts while maximising the opportunities and benefits that Asplundh can bring to the wider community through its work maintaining and controlling vegetation across Australia. 
Asplundh believes that regular, open and honest dialogue is the key to us continuing to build win-win relationships with our community stakeholders. 
Asplundh also promotes an "Industry Best Practice" approach to Vegetation Management. This means we are strongly committed to ongoing recruitment, training, up-skilling and growing our workforce utilising local training providers and suppliers. 
Asplundh endeavours to use local suppliers and contractors whenever possible to support the local economy of its area of operations.

Quality Assurance

As contractors, our operations are audited constantly, be it on existing contracts or as part of an open market tendering process. The nature of Australian contracting market means we have our results compared with other contractors on a daily basis. We believe that the quality of our operations is unrivalled. 
Many of our contracts involve external audits that are conducted by independent auditors, and Asplundh consistently receives excellent results. 
Asplundh adheres to the quality benchmarks set out in ISO 9001. The Asplundh Safety, Quality and Environment (SEQ) Manual governs our general processes, procedures and best practices in relation to how we conduct our operations. In addition, quality systems are customised for each contract to ensure the best service and contract delivery possible for our clients.